Cultivating Growth and Change

Explore the diverse and impactful programs offered by The Table Community Foundation, designed to address the unique needs and challenges of our community. From educational initiatives to health and wellness, our programs are crafted to empower individuals and foster a stronger, more vibrant community. Join us on a journey of growth, learning, and transformation. Discover how you can be part of the positive change we’re driving in every program we undertake.


Expanded Learning Program Opportunities (ELOP)

Dive into our ELOP at The Table Community Foundation, offering dynamic after-school and summer programs designed to enrich and empower the youth of our community beyond traditional education. Join us to unlock new opportunities for learning and growth.

Legacy Sports

Engage with our Legacy Sports program at The Table Community Foundation, fostering discipline, teamwork, and leadership through sports, shaping our youth for success both on and off the field. Join the journey to athletic and personal excellence.


AIM Mentoring (Attitude, Integrity, Maturity)

Join our AIM initiative at The Table Community Foundation, designed to cultivate positive attitudes, uphold integrity, and accelerate maturity among the youth. Discover how AIM shapes future leaders and responsible citizens.