Core Values

The Pillars of Our Mission

At The Table Community Foundation,

our mission to empower individuals and communities is deeply rooted in our core values. These values are not just words to us; they are principles that guide every decision we make, every program we implement, and every partnership we forge. They are the pillars upon which our foundation stands and strives to build a better world.

Love as Our Foundation

Love is one of the most demanding disciplines we can choose which is why it is the foundation of our work. Working through love allows us to continuously extend our capacity to support, provide, protect, and grow our community through positivity. Only with love can we understand, respect, and teach with compassion.

Service with Excellence

Excellent service is more than what we provide, it’s how we think and act. We pride ourselves on having positive interactions, prompt responses, and consistent and open communication to ensure that our communities have a wonderful experience each and every time we work with them. Our devotion to a superior service culture is what drives our commitment.

Unity in Diversity

The essence of TCF is based upon our unity with diverse communities and local stakeholders to create a harmonious bond to advance and enhance their voice, leadership skills, and development.

Living Our Values Every Day

Our core values of Innovation, Partnership, Empowerment, and Sustainability are more than just guiding principles; they are a reflection of who we are and how we operate. They inspire us to strive for excellence, to be bold in our aspirations, and to remain committed to the communities we serve.


Join us in our mission to create a better world. Whether you are looking to volunteer, donate, or form a partnership, your support helps us live our values and bring our vision to life.


Together, we can empower communities, foster innovation, build lasting partnerships, and ensure sustainability in all we do. Let’s make a difference, one community at a time.